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When you orgasm, your brain releases a hormone called oxytocin, which can unleash an intense rush of feelings. Oxytocin causes different women to feel different things. A sense of calm, a glowing feeling, or a deep closeness to their partner. For women who are more sensitive to hormones, this welling up of emotion can take the form of tears. It is not contradictory to feel happy and also have the impulse to cry. Crying is a natural release for many ladies. If you tend to be emotional, it is logical that the euphoria of an orgasm would make you misty.

Contrary to what many people may think, the responses women exhibit at the peak of orgasm are varied and can often be misleading. At their climax they explode with many varieties of emotional release. Those expressions can include tears, laughter, sobbing and intense crying.

Because the sexual response cycle is multiphasic, there are levels of energetic buildup during the whole process. The sexual response cycle works like this: First a woman feels a slight interest in having a sexual experience of some sort (the "vague stirring" phase). Then she may become aroused and feel actual desire for sexual expression. Next she will experience excitement, during which many physiological changes occur, followed by heightened arousal at the plateau phase. Then comes her orgasm, at which point she releases all the pent up energy and blood engorgement that has accumulated and finally, she rounds out with resolution.

All along this path are indicators, such as change in color, increased breathing, swelling of genital tissue and hardness and wetness of the male and female sex organs. Throughout this process of arousal through to the "pop" of orgasm, energy is amassing and must be discharged. That energy may take the form of whatever the body is capable of releasing so that it may show up, as for you, as intense crying. This is the way of nature of giving you a precious gift. Crying, may be the way of your body telling you it has completed a dance, or an intense journey, through sex.

Be sure that you have thoroughly checked inside to make sure that these tears are of joy, not sadness or something else that may stem from a past wound around relationships, sex or your body image. Then go forth in delight that you can enjoy so much emotional juice. It is terrific that you can feel, express and know that you are truly alive.


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